Fees for reproduction are by arrangement and subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


All the pictures displayed here are copyright © MAX and reproduction is forbidden.

The term PICTURE includes photograph, transparency, negative, print, laser or photocopy, and digital images mastered from original transparencies, negatives or prints.

REPRODUCTION includes any form of publication or copying by whatever means of all or part of a picture by printing, photography, projection, photocopying, electronic or mechanical storage, electronic or other manipulation or alteration, and includes any use as artist's reference, artist’s illustration, presentation or layout.


Agreement and fees for reproduction are by negotiation. Contact MAX to discuss what use you intend

Reproduction rights are NOT exclusive except when specified on the invoice.

Risk in and responsibility for any and all pictures passes to the Client from the time that they are received until their safe return to the Supplier.  Loss or damage to an original transparency will be charged for: currently this is a minimum of £200 per item. It is the Client's responsibility to adequately insure all loaned items until their safe return to the Supplier. All costs incurred in the recovery of unreturned material will be charged to the client.

 The Client will give printed credit (TALLSHIPSTOCK.COM) to the Supplier close to any reproduction of supplied picture or separately with adequate reference.  Credit may only be omitted with the prior agreement of the Supplier. 

Electronic use, storage or alteration of any supplied picture is strictly forbidden without the prior, express permission of the Supplier.

The Supplier will not be liable for any loss, damage, proceedings or costs arising from the Client's use of any supplied picture.

All moral and legal rights to the intellectual properties contained within each picture are hereby asserted by the Supplier.